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Vein Therapy

Vein therapy (sclerotherapy) is Laser Looks’ preferred treatment for dealing with unsightly and uncomfortable varicose and spider veins. Spider veins (telagiestases) are caused by enlarged blood vessels. While they are most frequently associated with women, they can also affect men. Beyond aesthetic considerations, spider veins can lead to dull, achy legs after prolonged periods of standing.

Problematic veins can be injected with several different solutions. These include chemicals called salicylate, Tromboject (sodium tetradecyl sulfate), and Sclerodex (dextrose/sodium chloride). Each of these solutions works by acutely irritating the lining of the vein into which it was injected. Following treatment, the vessels will darken and eventually disappear over a period of three to four weeks.

Vein therapy patients occasionally feel a mild burning sensation during treatment plus some minor discomfort for a short time afterwards. In general, Sclerotheraphy is considered to be a very safe procedure. When rare complications do occur, they can include small brown spots along the treated veins, allergic reaction, localized infection, or a tiny white scar at the injection site.

Double Chin Therapy

No matter how often some people exercise or eat right, the fullness under their chin (commonly referred to as double chin) just won’t go away.


While microdermabrasion is often grouped with dermabrasion, there are significant differences between the two procedures . . .

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